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4 Tips To Ensure Your Products Arrive Safely When Using Climate-Controlled Transport Solutions

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Flowers, perishable food, medicine, and other temperature-sensitive products demand special shipping requirements. Luckily, climate-controlled transport makes it possible to deliver products safely to their destinations. If you are about to expand your territories and ship your products beyond the borders, you might need a few tips to pack and ship your loads. The following are ways to ensure your products arrive safely using climate-controlled transport.

1. Choose a Reliable Transport Provider

Use trusted partners to ensure successful warehousing, fulfillment, and delivery of your products. Take your time to find a transport company with huge and reliable fleets of trucks and trailers. Check the validity of their insurance policies to ensure you are protected from liability. Inspect the condition of their trucks and find out if they cover your target areas to avoid delays during delivery. Due diligence when choosing a transport provider might help you avoid trouble in the future. Therefore, ensure you work with a company that specializes in providing climate-controlled services.

2. Package the Products Correctly

Getting the packaging right should set your supply chain strategies up for success. Certain packaging materials help lower the temperature, especially if you are shipping during hot months. Invest in dry ice, cool packs, and thermal bubble wraps. You can also line your corrugated boxes with cushioning like thermal bubble wraps to keep your products intact and cool. Avoid traditional ice as it might melt and damage your products. You could ask for advice from the experts to help you get the packaging right and ensure the load arrives safely.

3. Monitor Temperatures Throughout the Journey

Consider requesting the transport company to ship your products in trucks equipped with equipment to help you monitor the shipment. For instance, they should have thermometers to monitor the temperature in the cooling chamber and provide real-time updates so they'll know whether to increase, maintain, or lower the temperatures. This guarantees some peace of mind.

4. Avoid Freezing Temperatures

Sometimes temperatures that are too low aren't conducive for certain products. For instance, freezing temperatures cause milk and cheese to change taste and texture. Eggs and meat can darken while some fruits and flowers get injured and spoil when exposed to extremely cold temperatures. Knowing the right temperatures to set in the truck during transit is important to avoid damaging your products.

Do you need climate-controlled transport and packaging? Consider talking to the specialized transportation service providers to get all information necessary for successful deliveries and watch your perishable-products business grow.

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