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Need To Transport A Large Houseboat? Steps You Must Take

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If you have a large houseboat that you need to transport to another location, you cannot simply hook it up and take off. This is because there are steps you must go through to legally transport it. Keep reading so you can get your houseboat to its new location legally and safely.

Get a Permit

You must receive a permit that states you can lawfully transport your houseboat. There should be a permit service office in your area. Contact the Department of Transportation (DOT) who should be able to get this information for you. The maximum weight is approximately 44,000 pounds but this is determined by many factors, such as how many axles the transportation truck has. 

The maximum load width that you can transport is eight and a half feet. The maximum height you can transport is 13.5 to 14.5 feet. All of this does depend on the state that you live in as each state has different regulations in many cases. The permit does cost money in most states. Always have this permit with you as you may get stopped. If you have to travel through more than one state, you will need a permit for each state if they have different regulations. 

Plan Your Schedule

In many states, you can only transport your oversized houseboat at a certain time and day. This may be a certain amount of time before the sun comes up to a certain amount of time when the sun goes down. Your state may require that you do not transport your houseboat on the weekends. 

Knowing this information is important as it allows you to plan your schedule accordingly. Getting stopped by authorities during the transport will cause you a lot of time wasted and get you off your schedule drastically.

Know the Markings

Depending on the state that you live in you may have to put special markings on the houseboat. This may be extra lights or flags. Some states require the lights to be a certain color, such as amber, as this color is easily seen by other drivers without blinding them. 

If you have someone traveling with you that is helping you watch the road you are traveling on, such as always driving behind you, they also may need to have markings on their vehicles, such as the special light and flags. 

The DOT can give you much more information on transporting your houseboat and oversize permits.