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4 Benefits Of Hiring A Short Haul Driver For Your Transport Needs

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When you operate a business in the retail or hospitality sector, you may occasionally need goods delivered to you. In the restaurant sector, late deliveries of fresh goods can have consequences such as massive losses when stale food products are delivered as you cannot use them. You will also have a hard time assuring your customers in the retail sector to stay once you have delivered goods to them later than promised.

The options you have when it comes to getting goods from warehouses and other sources are long-haul and short-haul drivers. Short-haul drivers operate over shorter distances, and you can pick one who operates on the roads near your business. Here are four benefits that you get when you hire short-haul drivers. 

They Will Deliver on Time

Compared to long-haul truck drivers, short-haul drivers are likely to pick and deliver what you need within a shorter period. This is because all their errands are concentrated near a small radius. They do not have to make deliveries out of the state, which means that the logistics company they work for can schedule your delivery as soon as you order the services. 

They Will Deliver Quality Goods

Another great thing about short-haul transportation services is that since the drivers do not spend many hours on the road, they do not have to battle issues such as extreme fatigue when handling their deliveries. 

When the driver is fresh and focused, they are less likely to sleep on the wheel or cause incidents that might lead to the damage of your goods. You are therefore assured of a safe delivery when it's being handled on a short-haul basis.

They Are Less Expensive to Hire

Short-haul drivers do not spend a lot of time on the road. They need less money for meals and other support services when on the move. This also means that the company handling them will have fewer operational costs, which translates to fewer charges to their customers.

They Will Help in Emergencies

If you organized to have something hauled by someone and couldn't do it on time, there is no better person to call than the short-haul truck driver. Their schedules are usually more flexible, and they can help you out within the shortest time possible.

The important thing is to pick a known and trusted company to deliver the best trucking services in your locality. This will assure you of the simple, safe, and timely delivery of your goods. Contact a company, such as STS Transportation Services, for more information.