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3 Factors That Impact LTL Freight Shipping Prices

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If you are running a small business, you may have more goods than it is economical to send via a single package, but not enough goods to take up the back of the entire cargo transport. That is where LTL freight shipping comes into play. With LTL (less than a truckload), multiple smaller shipments are shipped together on one truck, allowing small businesses with growing shipping needs an affordable way to ship their goods.

When it comes to shipping LTL freight, there are three primary factors you need to be aware of that will impact your overall shipping costs.

#1: Dimensions & Weight

The first factor that impacts your shipping costs are the dimension and weight of the goods that you need to ship. With LTL shipment, the dimensions and weight must be accurate so that the shipping broker can put together the right combination of loads for the LTL shipment that will fill up the truck space. Having accurate weight and dimensions is important as well because the Department of Transportation requires freight loads to meet weight limits, so an inaccurate weight for your loan can end up incurring fines for the carrier and your business.

#2: Location

Second, both the pick-up and delivery locations are important. You need pick-up and delivery locations that are along major transportation routes, or not far from them. Since your load is being shipped with other small loads, the location matters for logistical planning for the freight carrier. A location out of the way may cost you more. Additionally, making sure both have loading docks can help lower the cost of your shipment.

#3: Freight Class

Third, how you classify your freight will impact the overall price. Fright shipping consists of 18 different classes, with the lowest classes reserved for items that are heavy and hard to damage, and the highest class for fragile items. A freight shipper can help you figure out what freight class your items match with. Higher freight classes cost more as more precautions are necessary for moving the product.

It is important to understand the various factors that will impact your LTL shipping costs, so you can make necessary adjustments to ensure you are getting the best rates for your goods. The dimension, weight, delivery locations, and freight classification of your goods will all impact the total for your LTL freight shipment. For more information, contact cargo transportation services.