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3 Great Tips To Remember When Purchasing TEG For Vinyl Polymers

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If your operations involve vinyl polymers, you may need to purchase triethylene glycol so that it can plasticize your polymers effectively. When purchasing this substance — also referred to as TEG — these tips will come in handy.

Order the Right Quantity

So that you get the most out of TEG for your vinyl polymer operations, it's important that you get the right amount. You don't want to run out of TEG, but you also don't want to order too much and then waste a lot of money. Finding the right balance will entail assessing the scope of your operations. 

Just how much TEG will be needed for your vinyl polymers? If you're not sure what quantity to order, there's is always the option of talking to suppliers directly. Having helped previous clients like yourself, they can recommend a particular quantity after assessing your polymer operations.

Compare Rates From Different Suppliers

Today, there are many TEG suppliers you can work with. Each of them probably will charge different rates for their TEG products, and because of this, it's imperative to perform a thorough price analysis. This way, you don't end up spending more money than you should.

What you need to do is go online and track down different TEG suppliers. Head over to their inventory pages where their TEG prices are listed. Write them down and then compare each supplier's listed rates. Right away, you'll see which supplier is best for your budget on this TEG investment.

Assess Manufacturing Processes

Just as important as the supplier you work with is the manufacturer. How they make TEG will have a huge impact on its overall quality, which you want to be great so that the TEG you purchase works optimally for your operations. 

After identifying a supplier's manufacturer, take your time seeing what their processes are like. What sort of environments and techniques are used to produce TEG? Ideally, you want the work environment to be controlled so that no substances affect the triethylene glycol's makeup in a negative manner.

Also, you want the manufacturer to have a long history making this sort of substance — as it means they have their manufacturing processes down to a science.

TEG is an important substance used for a lot of different applications, especially vinyl polymers. If you need some for these operations, take your time tracking down the right quantity, manufacturer, and rate.

For more information about TEG, contact a local TEG supplier today.