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3 Entrance Level Jobs That Will Allow You To See The World

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If you are sick and tired of being cooped up inside all day working, then you may want to start looking for another job. Although you may think the only entrance level jobs out there require you to be behind a desk or counter all day, then this article is for you. This article will list a few entrance level jobs that will help you see the world.  


No, you may not travel across the ocean to see the world, but you may travel across North and South America if you are a truck driver. Imagine being able to just get in your truck, drive across the country, and see the world while getting compensated for it. Truck driving jobs are typically entry level positions and just require a bit of training and a valid commercial driver's license. However, as you get into bigger trucks and you start transporting goods that may need a little bit more care, then you have to have a lot of experience. Depending on the trucking company that you work for, they may also offer great benefits including paid time off. 

Flight Attendants

One of the best ways that you can travel while getting paid to do it is by becoming a flight attendant. Flight attendants typically don't require you to have any previous training or experience, but they typically look for someone who has some customer service experience. As a flight attendant, your responsibility will be to ensure that everyone is as comfortable as possible during the flight, while also doing things like giving them drinks. 


If you like to spend your free time doing things like fishing, then you may want to consider becoming a professional fisherman. If you can get a job on a commercial boat, you can make some good money, Plus, if you are fishing all across the entire ocean, you can travel to different countries and practically see the whole world. Depending on your fishing experience you may get a job as a captain, fisherman, or even just as the boat's cook. 

Being able to travel and get paid for doing it is a luxury that not many people have the opportunity for. If you don't have a lot of education or work experience, but you want a job that gives you these opportunities, then you may want to look into doing one of these positions as professional. To learn more about how you can apply, reach out to some people who are in one of these industries.