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Preparing To Attend Your First Beer Or Wine Tour

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For a beer and wine aficionado, going on a professionally administered tour of a brewery or winery can be an extremely enjoyable and memorable experience. In order for a person to effectively plan this trip, they will need to know what to expect.

What Is Involved With A Professional Wine Or Beer Tasting?

The flavors and aromas that accompany beer and wine are highly complex and distinct. Unfortunately, individuals are often intimidated by the process of learning to appreciate these more subtle aspects of these beverages. When a person attends a tour that includes a tasting, it should be noted that the guide will provide a clear description of the flavors and other aspects of the beer or wine to notice. This format will make it easier for you to notice the differences between various wines and beers that you may have previously overlooked. Often, attendees of these tours will also receive small writeups that will make it easy for them to review this information after the tour.

Should You Expect To Become Intoxicated During The Tasting Or Tour?

It is commonly assumed that a tour of a brewery or winery will result in a person becoming heavily intoxicated. However, individuals are typically discouraged from swallowing the samples during the tasting portion of the event. Intoxication can severely dull a person's sense of taste, and this will help to keep this sense sharp throughout the tour and tasting event. Luckily, if you find a type of beer or wine that you particularly like, you will be able to purchase a bottle before you finish the tour so that you can enjoy it at home. Despite the fact that individuals typically do not swallow these samples, it is still wise to have a designated driver for the trip home.

Will You Need To Schedule Your Tour Ahead Of Time?

Individuals that are wanting to attend a beer or wine tour will often be surprised at the intense demand for these tours. This can be particularly true of smaller wineries and breweries as these facilities will typically have a much lower capacity for tours. As a result, it can be difficult to get a spot on one of these tours if you wait until the last moment to book your spot. Making it a point to book these tours as early as possible will help to ensure that you get to visit the brewery or winery that you want to see at the time that works best for your trip.

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