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Don't Want To Rent Dumpsters? Here's How Dump Trucks Can Manage Things

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Dumpsters are often an invaluable piece of equipment during demolition and construction. However, it often is costly to rent dumpsters for a long period of time, and you are never quite sure how long to rent them. You do, however, have some dump trucks at your disposal. They are part of your company, and here is a new way to use them when you want to avoid renting dumpsters.

Drive a Dump Truck Up Close to the Work Site

Just as you would drop a dumpster close to the building you are either tearing down or constructing, drive a dump truck up close and park it there. All of the stuff your crew tears down can be tossed right into the back of the dump truck. If it is chunks of concrete, then a frontloader or crane with a claw attachment can scoop it up and drop it in the back of the dump truck.

Keep the Dump Trucks on a Moving Rotation

When the truck is full, send a crew member to deliver the construction waste to the dump or other approved location. While he/she is gone, pull another dump truck into position. By the time that one is full and ready to leave, the first truck will already have returned. A third truck should be part of the rotation in case there are complications or delays with the other trucks taking their loads away and dumping them.

Break When All of the Trucks Have Cleared and Returned

A good time to take a lunch break is when all of the trucks have dumped what they had and have returned, lined up, and are ready to go again. In this way, there is no one who is not getting a meal break when they should, and the work site is kept extremely clean and tidy. You never have to deal with dumpsters again.

Benefits of Using Dump Trucks Instead of Dumpsters

When the construction or demolition job is complete, you just drive your trucks back to the main office. There is no need to wait for dumpster collection to come and pick up the dumpsters, or to arrange for the pick-up of the dumpsters. Cleanup is complete the minute the last fastener is removed or installed. The only expenses you incur are for the gas for the trucks, and the wages of the crew members that take the trucks away to dump them.