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Luxury Transportation Is More Than Just A Black Car: Why Your Appearance As A New Chauffeur Is So Important

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People who hire a professional driving service and want to ride in the back of a fancy black (or white) car usually do so because they enjoy the classiness of it all. They also like having a professional driver who presents his/her passengers upon arrival at their destination. If a driver does not look the part, then it just looks like some friend driving a buddy around and dropping them off wherever. Here are some other good reasons why your appearance as a new chauffeur is so important.

It Is Expected and Part of the Package Deal

Most of your passengers will expect a very professional appearance from you. They want to see that you take pride in your job and enjoy providing the services you do. While you may not have to wear a traditional chauffeur's garb, you should still dress the part. This typically means an all black outfit that is as stylish as it is functional. Ladies should wear dress shoes or black pumps, although you can have a little bling on them too. Men should wear black loafers or some other type of business casual shoe and a suit, regardless of how hot or cold it is. Long hair should be secured behind the head and made to look neat without looking overdone or greasy. This is the image that most passengers expect to see and expect to get as part of the package deal.

You Represent Your Company or Your Employer

If you drive for your own company or you drive for an employer that provides several luxury cars to clients and passengers, you represent your company or your employer. That is why you need to dress appropriately. Failing to do so means you do not care about your employer's image or the company's image, nor do you want the company/employer to succeed. Many of your passengers may be very displeased if you show up to pick them up and you are wearing anything other than an appropriate uniform, in which case your company or your employer may be sued for the return of monies paid or they may never hire you again.

Your Tips Rely on Your Appearance and Behavior

Your appearance and your professional behavior get you tips. If your appearance is unprofessional or inadequate, it is the same as saying that you do not need or want tips. Since many of your passengers are likely to tip well, that could be a seriously disastrous decision on your part.  

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