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Three Advantages Of Taking A Shuttle To The Airport

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When you're planning a trip by air, the last thing you need to do is fuss about the inconveniences of traveling on the ground. In many cities, getting to the airport by car before your flight can add considerable stress, as you have to navigate traffic, determine the best route to take and then find a parking spot. You can negate all three of these concerns by choosing to travel by shuttle instead. Here are three reasons to leave your vehicle at home and hop on a shuttle to the airport.

No Traffic Stress

Driving to the airport in advance of your flight can cause anxiety as you contend with heavy traffic while trying to mentally run through you pre-flight to-do list. You can take the stress out of getting to the airport by riding in a shuttle. Shuttle drivers are highly familiar with traffic patterns around the airport, meaning they'll know the best route to take at any given time, as well as any quick detours to get around an accident or road construction. While you leave the driving to someone else, you'll be able to sit in the shuttle and go through any last-minute preparation tasks for your flight.

No Terminal Confusion

Unless you're a frequent air traveler, it can be confusing to drive to an enormous airport and find your proper terminal -- and that confusion can quickly turn to panic if you're already running late. Shuttle drivers have a strong knowledge of the airport layout and the quickest way to each terminal. Instead of you having to carefully try to read signs as you drive, you can sit on the shuttle and soon enough, you'll be dropped off directly in front of the terminal of your departure. Often, your driver can even tell you the direction to walk to get to your check-in counter once you enter the terminal.

No Long-Term Parking Fees

One of the worst parts of driving to the airport before your flight is having to pay the hefty parking fee for your vehicle, especially if you'll be out of town for several days. You can't beat the price of taking a shuttle; many shuttles from hotels, for example, are free for guests and booking a hotel near the airport -- especially for an early flight -- is a smart choice. Using a shuttle service to the airport also means no fuss over finding the most cost-effective parking lot and then struggling to drag your suitcase from there to your terminal.