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4 Fundraising Bus Trips To Help Raise Money For Youth Hockey Leagues

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Youths that choose to play hockey can stay athletic and have a memorable time, but there are a lot of costs that come with the sport. Team equipment, ice rink rentals, referees, and general costs can quickly add up. To help defer some of these costs, you can book a motor coach rental (from a provider such as Woodlawn Motor) and collect a little extra money for fundraising. By calculating the cost of the rental and the amount of people that can fit on the bus, you can determine ticket costs and help raise money along the way. When choosing what type of trip to take, there are four different options with each one providing great opportunities for your community.  

Professional Hockey Games

To help keep up with the hockey theme, you can purchase tickets to the closest professional team. Whether its an NHL team or a lower league like the AHL, you can work with ticketing companies to find discounted deals on group tickets. This gives you a chance to offer bus tickets and game seats at an affordable price. Team players and their families can enjoy the trip and it's a great way for teammates to bond during the hockey season and see what it's like for professionals to play.

Holiday Shopping Trips

Instead of sticking with local malls, a large group bus trip can travel a little further for better shopping discounts during the holiday season. Outlet mall trips can drop everyone on the bus off right at a mall, giving plenty of chances to shop. Buses equipped with overhead storage bins can hold plenty of shopping bags for the ride home.

If there are multiple malls, then the bus trip can even be split between the two areas during a single day. Many stores offer fundraising discounts where a percentage of proceeds can go towards a youth league. For example, you can work a sporting goods store to offer a donation amount for any hockey gear or NHL apparel that is purchased. 

Skiing & Snowboarding Trips

Hockey is a great winter sport along with skiing and snowboarding. Buses can travel to various ski resorts near your area to provide a day long trip. When booking with mountains, group discounts can also be applied, allowing guests to save and more funds to go towards the hockey leagues. These trips can also include rentals and lessons if needed.

Casino Trips

Adults can help support youth hockey leagues by purchasing tickets to a casino bus trip. There are casinos located all over the country and likely some type of gambling within a few hours of your town. In the winter, casinos are a great way to stay out of the cold and gives the chance to win some extra Christmas spending money. Not only can people go on the trip to enjoy gaming and foods, but double fundraising can be completed. By working with a casino, you can sell fundraising tickets for games like bingo. This will help you raise extra funds that get applied directly to the youth hockey league.

As you plan fundraising events, it's important to budget and plan accordingly. This will ensure that you sell enough bus tickets and still raise money for the youth hockey league.