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Factors To Consider Before You Tip Your Limo Driver

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Booking a limousine with a company like American Sedan Service typically involves giving a deposit with your credit card, but even with this fee out of the way, it's still important to carry cash during your ride. Tipping your limo driver is a sign of proper etiquette, given that the driver takes special care to ensure that your experience is memorable. Whether you're traveling with just one other person or a large group, take responsibility for the tip if you're the person who booked the limo. While others might want to assist you, it's important that you carry enough cash for tipping in the event that others aren't prepared. Before your next limo trip, here are three factors to remember before you tip.

Aim For This Amount

The tipping convention for limo drivers is to give somewhere in the range of 10 to 15 percent of the rental fee. Because it's best to tip in cash, take note of the fee when you rent the vehicle and make a quick calculation to ensure that you're carrying at least 15 percent of the fee in cash on the day of your trip. In some cases of exceptional service, you might wish to tip slightly more than 15 percent and don't want to be caught without enough money.

Decide How Much To Tip

The suggested tipping range gives you flexibility to help you decide exactly how much you wish to give. While anything within the suggested range is acceptable, deciding where your tip falls depends on several factors. The driver's punctuality, friendliness and driving style can all influence how much you give. Think, too, if the driver does anything that goes beyond the regular call of duty. For example, he or she might provide you with an insider tip about a bar or restaurant or could take the time to set up a group photo of you and your fellow passengers to help you remember the occasion.

Tip At The End

The experience throughout the ride helps you gauge how much you wish to tip, so don't tip until the very end of the experience. It's conventional to tip the driver after everyone has climbed out of the limo; as the person who signed the rental agreement, make sure to be the last one out so that you can quickly ensure no one has left anything behind. Thank the driver for his or her care and subtly give the tip as you shake hands.