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4 Ways Your Taxi Company Can Be More Customer-Friendly

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Being customer-friendly and building good relationships with your customers is the ideal strategy to attract and retain business. There are strategies you can use to build a good reputation with your customers and stand out among other taxi companies.

Implement Customer Loyalty Discounts

You want business, but the real money is in return business. Consider implementing a frequent rider program for your customers. If your customers are able to schedule their trip online, you can integrate this feature into your website. When the same customer calls for a taxi, the driver can collect their name or email address for you to keep a database of information. For example, after every 12 trips, a customer can have a free trip that is equivalent to the average value of the 12 paid trips. If the free trip costs more than the average value of paid trips, they simply pay the difference.

Make Paying Easier

It is frustrating for customers to remember to have cash on-hand if they need a taxi. Make sure your drivers have a credit card reader in each taxi. Since there are numerous third-party payment processors who have card readers, it should be easy for you to implement various payment methods. If you want your business to be extra tech-savvy, your drivers can have a phone or tablet on-hand for customers to use person-to-person payment methods. Consider offering vouchers in various denominations, which can be gifted to another person.

Build Good Customer Relationships

Make sure the name of the driver is visible inside the taxi and your drivers introduce themselves when they pick up a customer. It is not uncommon for regular customers to request a specific driver if they often have the same driver and have a positive experience. Your company should make an effort to encourage customer feedback. Ask customers if you can call after their trip to do a survey or send a follow-up email. This gives customers a quick and easy way to tell you about good experiences with drivers and ways your company can improve business.

Give Pricing Estimates

Customers can be intimidated to use a taxi because it is difficult to determine how much the ride will cost. Find ways to give your customers examples of the price. You may want to display the price for popular pickup and drop-off destinations, such as from a specific part of the city to the airport. If many of your drivers are familiar with the area, they can give your passengers an estimate before they start the meter. GPS or mobile maps are useful to estimate the mileage.

Pricing estimates also allow your customers to pre-pay for trips. Customers can use your online service to enter a pick-up and drop-off location and pay based on this information. If their total taxi fare is less than the estimate, reimburse them the difference. When their cab fare is more than expected, they can pay the difference when they are dropped off or via the payment method on file.

Finding ways to stand out among the many taxi companies in your area can be difficult. When you create ways to make taxi rides more comfortable and efficient, your investment will pay for itself in positive recommendations and return customers. For more information about how to build a friendly taxi business, contact a company like Union Taxi.