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Three Ways To Arrange A Taxi Ride If You're Too Shy To Hail

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Hailing a taxi isn't always for the faint of heart -- you need to be bold and assertive as you step off the sidewalk and onto the road while waving one hand in the air. While this strategy is an effective way to grab a ride, it can be difficult to execute correctly if you're overly shy or don't have the confidence to be so bold. If this is the case, you don't need to settle for another method of transportation. You can still enjoy the many benefits of taxi travel, including not having to fuss over directions or parking, by arranging your ride in a less overt manner. Here are three other ways to hail a taxi cab.

Call From Home

Unless you're an experienced taxi traveler, you might not know that you can look up a taxi company's contact information online and call to arrange your ride. Doing so is beneficial because it saves you the trouble of finding a taxi and flagging it down. This method also allows you to meet with a driver at a precise time, which means you can book the ride well in advance of needing it. For example, if you need a ride to the airport to catch a flight, you can request that a taxi arrives at your home or hotel at a time of your choice. This approach is safer than standing in the street at night too.

Find A Taxi Phone

You don't need to fret if you don't have the contact information for a taxi company in your city. If you're in a hotel, shopping center, bar or even some office buildings, look for a dedicated phone in the lobby that connects with a local taxi company. This method of arranging your ride is extremely simple -- just pick up the phone, confirm your location and state the time you wish to travel. If you give your destination, you can also often get an idea of the length of the ride and the approximate fare if you wish to know this information in advance.

Use An App

If you have a smartphone, getting in touch with a taxi company to arrange transportation is as simple as downloading a taxi app and punching in your location and desired pick-up time. Certain taxi companies have their own apps, while general apps can connect you with a variety of companies. Some apps allow you to pay via credit card over the app and many use GPS to allow you to track the vehicle's location.