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Three Safety Tips To Follow During Taxi Travel

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Traveling by taxi provides numerous benefits, including helping you get around a city you don't know well and not having to fuss over trying to find affordable parking. When you're using this method of transportation, however, it's always important to exercise caution -- especially when you're traveling at night or in unfamiliar surroundings. While you'll be safe inside a licensed taxi with an experienced driver, it's important to be vigilant about your habits before you catch the cab and after you're dropped off. Here are three important safety tips to remember when you're traveling by taxi.

Arrange Transportation In Advance

It's hard to beat the convenience of standing on a sidewalk and flagging down a passing taxi, but this approach can be dangerous if you're in an unsafe part of the city. Instead of risking the chance of being a victim of a street crime, it's safer to call a taxi company, like White Top Cab Company, and arrange for a driver to pick you up at a designated location. Whether you're at home, at a restaurant or at a hotel, you can then wait inside until you see the taxi approach, take a quick look out the window to ensure things are safe and then walk briskly to the vehicle and climb inside.

Ask For A Safe Drop-Off Point

While it might occasionally be tempting to ask the taxi driver to drop you off just short of your destination to allow you to save a bit of money on the fare, it's better to ask for the driver to find a safe drop-off point. For example, if you're traveling to a hotel, don't ask to get out on a side street a block away, as doing so might mean you have to walk through a dark parking lot or through an alley. Instead, request that the driver heads to the well-lit area in front of the hotel's main entrance for you. Don't ever try to save money if doing so puts you at risk.

Pay And Tip Inside The Vehicle

It's always best to settle up the fare and tip your taxi driver before you climb out the vehicle. Although it's polite to complete this transaction promptly to allow the driver to look for another passenger, paying from inside the vehicle is better than getting out and passing the driver your money through the window. This approach means that when the driver leaves, you'll still be holding your change or wallet, which could make you a target for a mugging in certain areas. Once you're done paying, put your wallet in your pocket or purse and get out of the vehicle.