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How To Impress Your Business Associates

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When you are planning on entertaining business associates, you want to do your best at impressing them. This will help you negotiate the terms of your contract or entice them to do business with you if they are a potential client. Here are some different ways to impress clients and business associates.

Call Ahead to Make Reservations

Want your potential to know clients that you thought ahead and want to take this business meeting seriously? Think about making reservations. Whether you choose a five-star restaurant that takes weeks to make a reservation, or one that doesn't get busy but has small and private tables you can reserve, this gesture can make a significant impact. Whether it is a possible client, colleague, or someone from corporate, this little act is always noticeable.

In addition, make sure you check reviews of restaurants that you haven't been to before. You want to give them a pleasant dining experience.

Dress to Impress

You may already have the job you want and are not trying to impress a hiring manager, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't dress to impress. When you are planning a business event, conference, or luncheon, you want to dress the apart. Make sure your appearance shows your professionalism, no matter what type of event you are attending. Whether you choose a tailored pant suit, button-up shirt with slacks, or a blouse and pencil skirt, choose something that is flattering as well as professional.

Be a Good Listener

If you are planning on attending a business meeting with your associates or colleagues, you likely have a lot to contribute to the conversation. However, choose the correct time to interject and give your opinion, even if you believe it will add to the conversation. Be a good listener and show your avid interest in your associates and what they have to say. The same rule is applied to clients you are trying to impress.

Rent a Town Car or Limo 

The ultimate way to impress business associates is by renting a town car or limo, instead of driving your own car or taking a taxi. A town car is great if you are providing transportation for just one client or colleague. You can sit in the back of the car with them while you discuss business topics on your way to the restaurant. If you are entertaining two or more people, a limo is highly recommended. It provides a luxury angle to the entire experience. Connect with a car services company, like Galaxy Coach, to get the right form of transportation.