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That Doesn't Go! 5 Things You Own That Can Be Troublesome For Movers

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Really looking at what movers do involves looking at some of the most common obstacles and things that can make it difficult to do their jobs on moving day. Take a look at this list, and while you look at it, consider the following -- making the move easier can decrease costs, relieve stress, and lighten the burden on everyone who is involved. It's important to plan well to get the results that you want for a household move.

The Pets

On moving day, pets can get underway. One good strategy is to sequester or tie up pets for the entire day of the move. Or you can take them to a kennel or get someone to watch them that day. In any case, they shouldn't be running around where movers are working.

The Kids

Moving day can be an emotional time for young children, and they need to be cared for and listened to and helped through the difficult process of having their entire home move from one place to another. Plan extra help for the little ones, so they don't get ignored or left out on moving day.

Entrances, Exits and Levels

If you own the house that you're moving from, you own all of the infrastructure that movers have to work around. Some common tips include taking easily removed molding off of doors, fully opening up larger access areas to the outdoors, and clearing any obstacles off of decks, porches, stairways and other areas where moving has to occur.

Trees and Vegetation

Another common obstacle for movers is a tree that's been allowed to grow down over an outdoor space, or vegetation that's run unattended and intrudes into the pathways from the building to the truck. Think about the access that movers and others will need to allow for a safe and effective move.

Conveyed Appliances

Some large appliances will not go into the truck on moving day. Make sure these are out of the way to save everyone trouble. Tuck in cords or cables, and shift these big machines and other gear out of the way.

These are some important things to think about when planning a household move. Going with a trusted and reputable firm helps a good deal, but a good plan compliments the other work that you put into your move, to get you the results you want. Make sure your move isn't derailed by some easily avoidable setbacks.

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