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Why Party Buses Are for Older People Too

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When you think about party buses, you may picture a vehicle filled with young folks having the time of their lives. They can drink and dance and carry on without the responsibility of driving safely. If you are older, you may think that you have outgrown the need for such transportation. In fact, a party bus is a good idea for any group that is out on the town, especially the older crowd. For your next big night out, consider renting a party bus. Vision Older drivers are more likely to have impaired night vision due to a number of factors, including cataracts. If you are going out in the city, the multiple headlights and business signs can make matters worse. If you are going out with an older group of people, you will all be safer by having a driver who has undergone strict testing to get a CDL license and whose vision should be excellent. Alcohol Even if you plan to drink alcohol sparingly, you should be aware that alcohol affects older people differently than it does younger folks. In fact, you may be more sensitive to the effects of alcohol simply because your older body doesn’t have the water content that a younger body does. As a result, you can get drunk much faster and on less alcohol. Also, older people tend to be on more medications that can react with alcohol. In short, older people can become impaired pretty quickly. Instead of abstaining from adult beverages entirely, choose a party bus instead.  Inhibitions As you grow older, you may feel that you have to set an example by behaving in a more somber manner. That attitude is nonsense. Seniors have as much right to have fun as anyone. If you gather a group for an exciting night out, the privacy of a party bus allows you to let your hair down and be as silly as you wish. You can go bar hopping, to the theater, or even on a road trip. When you want to have uninhibited fun, hire professional transportation from a reputable company. Party buses are not just for the young. Any age group can benefit from hiring one, including seniors. The need to socialize and have fun does not end once you retire or become a grandparent. In fact, older people have plenty of struggles, meaning fun is more necessary than ever. A party bus can make having a good time safer and easier for everyone. Contact a company such as A&A Limousine & Bus Services to get started planning your...

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Luxury Transportation Is More Than Just A Black Car: Why Your Appearance As A New Chauffeur Is So Important

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People who hire a professional driving service and want to ride in the back of a fancy black (or white) car usually do so because they enjoy the classiness of it all. They also like having a professional driver who presents his/her passengers upon arrival at their destination. If a driver does not look the part, then it just looks like some friend driving a buddy around and dropping them off wherever. Here are some other good reasons why your appearance as a new chauffeur is so important. It Is Expected and Part of the Package Deal Most of your passengers will expect a very professional appearance from you. They want to see that you take pride in your job and enjoy providing the services you do. While you may not have to wear a traditional chauffeur’s garb, you should still dress the part. This typically means an all black outfit that is as stylish as it is functional. Ladies should wear dress shoes or black pumps, although you can have a little bling on them too. Men should wear black loafers or some other type of business casual shoe and a suit, regardless of how hot or cold it is. Long hair should be secured behind the head and made to look neat without looking overdone or greasy. This is the image that most passengers expect to see and expect to get as part of the package deal. You Represent Your Company or Your Employer If you drive for your own company or you drive for an employer that provides several luxury cars to clients and passengers, you represent your company or your employer. That is why you need to dress appropriately. Failing to do so means you do not care about your employer’s image or the company’s image, nor do you want the company/employer to succeed. Many of your passengers may be very displeased if you show up to pick them up and you are wearing anything other than an appropriate uniform, in which case your company or your employer may be sued for the return of monies paid or they may never hire you again. Your Tips Rely on Your Appearance and Behavior Your appearance and your professional behavior get you tips. If your appearance is unprofessional or inadequate, it is the same as saying that you do not need or want tips. Since many of your passengers are likely to tip well, that could be a seriously disastrous decision on your part.   For more information about what is expected of a chauffeur, contact a company like Rad...

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Top Gift Ideas For Cycling Enthusiasts

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Do you need to find a belated holiday gift or a winter birthday gift for someone who enjoys cycling? Are you finding it difficult to pick out the perfect gift? It can be difficult to decide what to give someone, especially if the gift is already late. When a gift isn’t on time, there can be pressure to make the present even better than originally planned. Here is a list of gadgets and gear that should wow the recipient and enable them to bicycle even more than before: Snow bike conversion kit: If you live in an area that receives moderate to heavy snowfall every year, pedaling an ordinary bike can become all but impossible. With a snow bike conversion kit from your local bike shop, the front wheel of the bike is replaced by a ski. The back wheel is replaced with one that has treads on it. Using this, the cyclist in your life can now navigate over many types of snowy terrain, allowing him or her to keep bicycling all year round. Exercise bike conversion kit: Even if it doesn’t snow where you live, some people simply don’t like going out in the cold. While you could purchase an actual exercise bike, the proportions of home exercise bikes can sometimes be quite different to those of a real bike; potentially making it feel less “real” to the cyclist who uses it. An exercise bike conversion kit is a floor rack that holds the bike upright and in place. It will have the ability to change the tension, to simulate pedaling uphill and over different grades. This will help the cyclist train for races, if this is something that they are interested in doing. If you don’t see one of these kits when you visit the bike shop, ask if they are able to special order it for you. Anti-rust kit: The cold humidity of winter is perfect for promoting rust and oxidation of bicycle parts. Even relatively warmer spring conditions, with frequent rains, can damage a bicycle over time. Also, just like with cars, salt that is used on roads can corrode even the most expensive bicycle, turning it into expensive scrap. Visit your nearest bike shop to put together a gift basket with anti-rust products. These can include things like a galvanized chain, silicone spray and also lubrication for the chain and gears. You might also want to include a chain cleaning kit and cloths to help wipe away salt and accumulated winter...

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2 Tips To Help You Plan A Brewery Tour With Your Friends

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If you are just starting to venture into the world of craft beer, one of the best things you could do is gather up a group of friends and head out on a brewery tour. Brewery tours offer a way for you to taste all kinds of craft beer, and this can help you find the types you like best. If you would like to plan a trip to do this, here are some tips to help you have a fun and safe time. Learn A Couple Basic Beer Terms There are so many different types of beers you can try, but understanding a couple different terms used with beer can help you begin to learn what types you would enjoy. Of all the terms used with beer, one you should understand is IBUs. Almost every brewery will include the IBUs with each beer they offer, and this stands for International Bitterness Unit. If you like beer that is hoppy, you would want to select types that have high IBU counts. For people that do not like hoppy beer, choosing ones with a lower count would be better. One other term to understand is ABV, which stands for alcohol by volume. This number tells you how much alcohol content a beer has. If you can handle a lot of beer, drinking beers with ABV counts of 10 or more will be fine. If you are a lightweight when it comes to beer, you might want to stick with options that are lower. By knowing these two terms and having a basic understanding of the different types of beers available, you will be ready to head out to some breweries. Rent A Party Bus Understanding the features found in craft beer can help you have an enjoyable time visiting breweries, but renting a party bus will ensure that you and your friends also have a safe time while you are out drinking. Party buses come in many sizes, and they are affordable if you split the costs between all your friends. The good part is your party bus can pick you up and bring you home, which means you will not have to risk driving while you are drinking. Visiting breweries is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening, and traveling in a party bus offers a safe way to do this. To rent a party bus for your next brewery tour, contact a company, such as Bolt Transportation, to book a vehicle for you and your...

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Three Advantages Of Taking A Shuttle To The Airport

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When you’re planning a trip by air, the last thing you need to do is fuss about the inconveniences of traveling on the ground. In many cities, getting to the airport by car before your flight can add considerable stress, as you have to navigate traffic, determine the best route to take and then find a parking spot. You can negate all three of these concerns by choosing to travel by shuttle instead. Here are three reasons to leave your vehicle at home and hop on a shuttle to the airport. No Traffic Stress Driving to the airport in advance of your flight can cause anxiety as you contend with heavy traffic while trying to mentally run through you pre-flight to-do list. You can take the stress out of getting to the airport by riding in a shuttle. Shuttle drivers are highly familiar with traffic patterns around the airport, meaning they’ll know the best route to take at any given time, as well as any quick detours to get around an accident or road construction. While you leave the driving to someone else, you’ll be able to sit in the shuttle and go through any last-minute preparation tasks for your flight. No Terminal Confusion Unless you’re a frequent air traveler, it can be confusing to drive to an enormous airport and find your proper terminal — and that confusion can quickly turn to panic if you’re already running late. Shuttle drivers have a strong knowledge of the airport layout and the quickest way to each terminal. Instead of you having to carefully try to read signs as you drive, you can sit on the shuttle and soon enough, you’ll be dropped off directly in front of the terminal of your departure. Often, your driver can even tell you the direction to walk to get to your check-in counter once you enter the terminal. No Long-Term Parking Fees One of the worst parts of driving to the airport before your flight is having to pay the hefty parking fee for your vehicle, especially if you’ll be out of town for several days. You can’t beat the price of taking a shuttle; many shuttles from hotels, for example, are free for guests and booking a hotel near the airport — especially for an early flight — is a smart choice. Using a shuttle service to the airport also means no fuss over finding the most cost-effective parking lot and then struggling to drag your suitcase from there to your...

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Additional Moving Services That Make Your Long Distance Move Simple

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Planning a long distance move can be difficult. Not only do you have to pack up all of your belongings and move them but you have to find a new house in an area that might not be that familiar. Fortunately, you can make your move a lot easier by hiring a moving company that offers these additional services. Vehicle Shipping Before you get a quote from a moving company, you need to determine whether or not you’re keeping all of your vehicles and how you want to move them to your new location. Sure, it might be cheaper to drive your car to your new home, but it can also be extremely stressful. Not only are you driving a long distance but you need to keep pace with the moving company so that you don’t arrive days before your belongings or you don’t arrive too late to let the movers inside. You can make moving your vehicle a lot easier by hiring a company that uses a car hauler to move vehicles from place to place. This way, you can ship your vehicle to your new home and travel by plane. Packing and Unpacking If it’s possible, you should consider hiring a moving company that offers packing services. This way, you don’t even have to worry about packing up your belongings. You’ll have more time to concentrate on learning more about the area that you’re moving to and completing smaller tasks, such as calling utility companies in both cities and packing the items that you want to transport yourself. If you want, you can also have the movers unpack your belongings at your new home. This way, all you have to do is show up at the front door. Moving Unique Items There are some things, such as pianos and expensive art, that need to be packed and moved with care. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to hire numerous companies to help you move. Instead of hiring piano movers or having your piano shipped separately, hire a moving company that offers the additional services you need. This way, you only have to deal with one company during your move. Long distance moves don’t have to be stressful. In fact, you should be able to look at your long distance move as a new adventure for your family. In order to enjoy that adventure, take the time to hire a moving company that uses a car hauler to ship vehicles, moves unique items, and packs your belongings for you. For instance, a moving company like Wrightway Auto Carriers offers car hauling...

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4 Fundraising Bus Trips To Help Raise Money For Youth Hockey Leagues

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Youths that choose to play hockey can stay athletic and have a memorable time, but there are a lot of costs that come with the sport. Team equipment, ice rink rentals, referees, and general costs can quickly add up. To help defer some of these costs, you can book a motor coach rental (from a provider such as Woodlawn Motor) and collect a little extra money for fundraising. By calculating the cost of the rental and the amount of people that can fit on the bus, you can determine ticket costs and help raise money along the way. When choosing what type of trip to take, there are four different options with each one providing great opportunities for your community.   Professional Hockey Games To help keep up with the hockey theme, you can purchase tickets to the closest professional team. Whether its an NHL team or a lower league like the AHL, you can work with ticketing companies to find discounted deals on group tickets. This gives you a chance to offer bus tickets and game seats at an affordable price. Team players and their families can enjoy the trip and it’s a great way for teammates to bond during the hockey season and see what it’s like for professionals to play. Holiday Shopping Trips Instead of sticking with local malls, a large group bus trip can travel a little further for better shopping discounts during the holiday season. Outlet mall trips can drop everyone on the bus off right at a mall, giving plenty of chances to shop. Buses equipped with overhead storage bins can hold plenty of shopping bags for the ride home. If there are multiple malls, then the bus trip can even be split between the two areas during a single day. Many stores offer fundraising discounts where a percentage of proceeds can go towards a youth league. For example, you can work a sporting goods store to offer a donation amount for any hockey gear or NHL apparel that is purchased.  Skiing & Snowboarding Trips Hockey is a great winter sport along with skiing and snowboarding. Buses can travel to various ski resorts near your area to provide a day long trip. When booking with mountains, group discounts can also be applied, allowing guests to save and more funds to go towards the hockey leagues. These trips can also include rentals and lessons if needed. Casino Trips Adults can help support youth hockey leagues by purchasing tickets to a casino bus trip. There are casinos located all over the country and likely some type of gambling within a few hours of your town. In the winter, casinos are a great way to stay out of the cold and gives the chance to win some extra Christmas spending money. Not only can people go on the trip to enjoy gaming and foods, but double fundraising can be completed. By working with a casino, you can sell fundraising tickets for games like bingo. This will help you raise extra funds that get applied directly to the youth hockey league. As you plan fundraising events, it’s important to budget and plan accordingly. This will ensure that you sell enough bus tickets and still raise money for the youth hockey...

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Factors To Consider Before You Tip Your Limo Driver

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Booking a limousine with a company like American Sedan Service typically involves giving a deposit with your credit card, but even with this fee out of the way, it’s still important to carry cash during your ride. Tipping your limo driver is a sign of proper etiquette, given that the driver takes special care to ensure that your experience is memorable. Whether you’re traveling with just one other person or a large group, take responsibility for the tip if you’re the person who booked the limo. While others might want to assist you, it’s important that you carry enough cash for tipping in the event that others aren’t prepared. Before your next limo trip, here are three factors to remember before you tip. Aim For This Amount The tipping convention for limo drivers is to give somewhere in the range of 10 to 15 percent of the rental fee. Because it’s best to tip in cash, take note of the fee when you rent the vehicle and make a quick calculation to ensure that you’re carrying at least 15 percent of the fee in cash on the day of your trip. In some cases of exceptional service, you might wish to tip slightly more than 15 percent and don’t want to be caught without enough money. Decide How Much To Tip The suggested tipping range gives you flexibility to help you decide exactly how much you wish to give. While anything within the suggested range is acceptable, deciding where your tip falls depends on several factors. The driver’s punctuality, friendliness and driving style can all influence how much you give. Think, too, if the driver does anything that goes beyond the regular call of duty. For example, he or she might provide you with an insider tip about a bar or restaurant or could take the time to set up a group photo of you and your fellow passengers to help you remember the occasion. Tip At The End The experience throughout the ride helps you gauge how much you wish to tip, so don’t tip until the very end of the experience. It’s conventional to tip the driver after everyone has climbed out of the limo; as the person who signed the rental agreement, make sure to be the last one out so that you can quickly ensure no one has left anything behind. Thank the driver for his or her care and subtly give the tip as you shake...

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4 Ways Your Taxi Company Can Be More Customer-Friendly

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Being customer-friendly and building good relationships with your customers is the ideal strategy to attract and retain business. There are strategies you can use to build a good reputation with your customers and stand out among other taxi companies. Implement Customer Loyalty Discounts You want business, but the real money is in return business. Consider implementing a frequent rider program for your customers. If your customers are able to schedule their trip online, you can integrate this feature into your website. When the same customer calls for a taxi, the driver can collect their name or email address for you to keep a database of information. For example, after every 12 trips, a customer can have a free trip that is equivalent to the average value of the 12 paid trips. If the free trip costs more than the average value of paid trips, they simply pay the difference. Make Paying Easier It is frustrating for customers to remember to have cash on-hand if they need a taxi. Make sure your drivers have a credit card reader in each taxi. Since there are numerous third-party payment processors who have card readers, it should be easy for you to implement various payment methods. If you want your business to be extra tech-savvy, your drivers can have a phone or tablet on-hand for customers to use person-to-person payment methods. Consider offering vouchers in various denominations, which can be gifted to another person. Build Good Customer Relationships Make sure the name of the driver is visible inside the taxi and your drivers introduce themselves when they pick up a customer. It is not uncommon for regular customers to request a specific driver if they often have the same driver and have a positive experience. Your company should make an effort to encourage customer feedback. Ask customers if you can call after their trip to do a survey or send a follow-up email. This gives customers a quick and easy way to tell you about good experiences with drivers and ways your company can improve business. Give Pricing Estimates Customers can be intimidated to use a taxi because it is difficult to determine how much the ride will cost. Find ways to give your customers examples of the price. You may want to display the price for popular pickup and drop-off destinations, such as from a specific part of the city to the airport. If many of your drivers are familiar with the area, they can give your passengers an estimate before they start the meter. GPS or mobile maps are useful to estimate the mileage. Pricing estimates also allow your customers to pre-pay for trips. Customers can use your online service to enter a pick-up and drop-off location and pay based on this information. If their total taxi fare is less than the estimate, reimburse them the difference. When their cab fare is more than expected, they can pay the difference when they are dropped off or via the payment method on file. Finding ways to stand out among the many taxi companies in your area can be difficult. When you create ways to make taxi rides more comfortable and efficient, your investment will pay for itself in positive recommendations and return customers. For more information about how to build a friendly...

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Three Ways To Arrange A Taxi Ride If You’re Too Shy To Hail

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Hailing a taxi isn’t always for the faint of heart — you need to be bold and assertive as you step off the sidewalk and onto the road while waving one hand in the air. While this strategy is an effective way to grab a ride, it can be difficult to execute correctly if you’re overly shy or don’t have the confidence to be so bold. If this is the case, you don’t need to settle for another method of transportation. You can still enjoy the many benefits of taxi travel, including not having to fuss over directions or parking, by arranging your ride in a less overt manner. Here are three other ways to hail a taxi cab. Call From Home Unless you’re an experienced taxi traveler, you might not know that you can look up a taxi company’s contact information online and call to arrange your ride. Doing so is beneficial because it saves you the trouble of finding a taxi and flagging it down. This method also allows you to meet with a driver at a precise time, which means you can book the ride well in advance of needing it. For example, if you need a ride to the airport to catch a flight, you can request that a taxi arrives at your home or hotel at a time of your choice. This approach is safer than standing in the street at night too. Find A Taxi Phone You don’t need to fret if you don’t have the contact information for a taxi company in your city. If you’re in a hotel, shopping center, bar or even some office buildings, look for a dedicated phone in the lobby that connects with a local taxi company. This method of arranging your ride is extremely simple — just pick up the phone, confirm your location and state the time you wish to travel. If you give your destination, you can also often get an idea of the length of the ride and the approximate fare if you wish to know this information in advance. Use An App If you have a smartphone, getting in touch with a taxi company to arrange transportation is as simple as downloading a taxi app and punching in your location and desired pick-up time. Certain taxi companies have their own apps, while general apps can connect you with a variety of companies. Some apps allow you to pay via credit card over the app and many use GPS to allow you to track the vehicle’s...

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