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Top Gift Ideas For Cycling Enthusiasts

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Do you need to find a belated holiday gift or a winter birthday gift for someone who enjoys cycling? Are you finding it difficult to pick out the perfect gift? It can be difficult to decide what to give someone, especially if the gift is already late. When a gift isn't on time, there can be pressure to make the present even better than originally planned. Here is a list of gadgets and gear that should wow the recipient and enable them to bicycle even more than before:

Snow bike conversion kit: If you live in an area that receives moderate to heavy snowfall every year, pedaling an ordinary bike can become all but impossible. With a snow bike conversion kit from your local bike shop, the front wheel of the bike is replaced by a ski. The back wheel is replaced with one that has treads on it. Using this, the cyclist in your life can now navigate over many types of snowy terrain, allowing him or her to keep bicycling all year round.

Exercise bike conversion kit: Even if it doesn't snow where you live, some people simply don't like going out in the cold. While you could purchase an actual exercise bike, the proportions of home exercise bikes can sometimes be quite different to those of a real bike; potentially making it feel less "real" to the cyclist who uses it. An exercise bike conversion kit is a floor rack that holds the bike upright and in place. It will have the ability to change the tension, to simulate pedaling uphill and over different grades. This will help the cyclist train for races, if this is something that they are interested in doing. If you don't see one of these kits when you visit the bike shop, ask if they are able to special order it for you.

Anti-rust kit: The cold humidity of winter is perfect for promoting rust and oxidation of bicycle parts. Even relatively warmer spring conditions, with frequent rains, can damage a bicycle over time. Also, just like with cars, salt that is used on roads can corrode even the most expensive bicycle, turning it into expensive scrap. Visit your nearest bike shop to put together a gift basket with anti-rust products. These can include things like a galvanized chain, silicone spray and also lubrication for the chain and gears. You might also want to include a chain cleaning kit and cloths to help wipe away salt and accumulated winter grime.